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We publish a selected range of books written by top professionals.

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The Chess Stars books are highly professional works, aimed mostly at players of intermediate and higher level. The focus is on deep original analysis by renown experts.

The company has been established in Sofia (Bulgaria) where the books are printed and distributed all over the world. In the background of Chess Stars books is a team of players, headed by 14th World Champion Alexander Khalifman.

Among the authors are also GM Konstantin Sakaev (Ello 2677), GM Alexei Bezgodov (Ello 2558) GM S. Ivanov (2574), GM D. Yevseev (2550), GM R. Ovetchkin (2532).

Currently there are four main series of books:

  • "Chess Stars" which includes games collections of Chigorin, Bogoljubow, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Botvinnik, Tal, Spassky;
  • "New Chess Stars" about Leko, Shirov;
  • "Chess Stars openings" which is famous with the repertoire series "Opening for White according to Kramnik. 1.Nf3", "Opening for White according to Anand. 1.e4" and "Opening for Black according to Karpov";
  • "Current Theory and Practice Series" is devoted to particular openings which are analysed in depth by experts in the field.